Acrylic Sheet

Spring Due / Elementi in foglia acrilica

The acrylic sheet is a special type of surfacing comprising a co-extruded ABS/PMMA plastic sheet.

The superior hardness and gloss of the PMMA surface layer make the acrylic sheet the perfect solution for creating glossy surfaces.

Spring Due applies acrylic sheets to panels using the best Polyurethane hot-melt adhesives which make it possible to achieve an extremely durable and perfectly flat surface without any distortion.

Oltre alla placcatura vinilica e/o poliuretanica Spring Due può effettuare le seguenti lavorazioni:


Even a radius of 1 on 0.8 mm thick sheet with polyurethane hot-melt adhesive.

Plastic edges

Spring Due combines its strong expertise in polyurethane glued edges with new technologies that allow the use of laser-fusion edges which are distinguished by an invisible glue line and a gluing process similar in its characteristics to PUR adhesives.

Hot folding

Thanks to our 5-axis machining centres, we can easily produce folded elements even with folding angles that are not straight. In addition, our technologies allow us to produce folded items without breaks even with extremely narrow and modern radii.