The company’s key values lay the foundation for the output we are able to offer: we aim to produce high-performance, competitive and high value-added solutions.

Made in Italy

All Spring Due brand components are completely designed and made in Italy. The guarantee of creativity, quality and design. With the reliability of products that comply with safety and environmental protection regulations in force.


Our singularity resides in our ability to produce unique and original products, also on the basis of the range of patents we hold in the panel laminating segment. We know how to reconcile craftsmanship with innovation, workmanship with technology. This enables us to offer a wide range of products, even for smaller orders.

Tailor-made designs

One of Spring Due’s strengths is product customisation: we begin from expressed and latent customer needs, and then activate processes and resources using innovative and well-designed materials to create a finished product that comes as close as possible to the customer’s concept.

Our focus on the customer

We have a real interest in our customers. Our work is focused on increasing the satisfaction of those who choose Spring Due as their trade partner in the short, medium and long term. This is why we establish a trusting relationship with our customers, based on dialogue and understanding.