Spring Due / Elementi in melamminico

Melamine-surfaced chipboard panels are commonly used in the production of furniture, components and walls.

They are available in an extensive range of d├ęcors and finishes. They consist of one or more sheets impregnated with melamine applied to the panel through the combined action of heat and thermosetting pressure.

The result is a panel which is highly resistant to chemicals, abrasion and scratches which stands out for its realistic appearance and truly surprising texture.

Spring Due selects the most extraordinary surfaces for interior design and completes them with its own innovative processing in order to achieve items of furniture that stand out for their technical performance levels and their extraordinary tactile and visual results.


We are in a position to produce special profiles, by shaping plastic edges appropriately, even extra-thick ones.


Using dedicated techniques, the chipboard is removed, leaving the melamine surface intact, which is then hot bent to create edges with bending radii of up to 2mm.

Plastic edges

Spring Due combines its strong expertise in polyurethane glued edges with new technologies that allow the use of laser-fusion edges which are distinguished by an invisible glue line and a gluing process similar in its characteristics to PUR adhesives.