Spring Due / Elementi in FENIX

FENIX NTM is an innovative material created specifically for interior design items, suitable for both vertical and horizontal application.

The exterior of FENIX NTM is obtained with the aid of nanotechnology and it is characterised by a decorative surface treated with new-generation resins resulting from Arpa Industriale research.

Thanks to the use of latest-generation thermoplastic resins, the surface of FENIX NTM is extremely sealed.

The irregular features of the surface results in low light reflection (specular reflection value: 1.5 gloss at 60°) and a soft touch effect.

This innovative material opens up brand new horizons in the world of interior design: a smart, extremely matt, anti-fingerprint surface.

Spring Due implements FENIX to make items of furniture with superior styling value, such as tables, tops, doors and side panels for every room within the home.

In addition to vinyl and/or polyurethane plating, Spring Due can perform the following processing:


Spring Due is in a position to produce special profiles, by shaping plastic edges appropriately, even extra-thick ones.


Unicolor is a particular type of Fenix which stands out for consisting of a kraft paper substrate the same colour as the surface. By combining our superior know-how with the use of reactive polyurethane adhesives and top-quality materials, we are able to produce items with a high styling impact featuring a monolithic appearance with a near-invisible glue line and high resistance to water and steam.

Plastic edges

Spring Due combines its strong expertise in polyurethane glued edges with new technologies that allow the use of laser-fusion edges which are distinguished by an invisible glue line and a gluing process similar in its characteristics to PUR adhesives.